2021 OTMA Corporate League

Welcome to the leaderboard, fellow archers!
This is where your corporate team-building event
gets taken to the next level!

Here's how to join

Step 1

Inquire about a corporate event with On the Mark Archery

Step 2

After enjoying your team's internal camaraderie and competition for glory and prizes, we will ask your team to select 5 representative archers to compete in a high score round. Each of the 5 team members will shoot 5 arrows, allowing for a maximum possible score of 250 points!

Step 3

Our coaches will record your score here on the leaderboard to be ranked against rival companies

RankLogoCompany NameScoreDate
1Ionic Materials2289/1/2021
3Insulet Corporation2149/22/2021
4X4 Pharmaceuticals2098/25/2021
46 Rivers Systems (Round V)20910/13/2021
5Skylark Bio, Inc.20611/12/2021
7Anna Maria College1998/31/2021
UnrankedNewton Cemetery Corp8/12/2021
UnrankedS2N Health7/22/2021
Unranked6 Rivers Systems (Round IV)6/10/2021
UnrankedCognex Corp5/19/2021
UnrankedMass General Hospital5/18/2021
UnrankedBoston Dynamics5/4/2021
UnrankedInfinity Pharmaceuticals4/29/2021