Rolled Foam 48" Refurbished Target

  • New FITA WP-122cm, 50″x50″ pin on target face
  • New FITA Official Indoor 40 Cm Four Color Target Face
  • Pack of 4 steel crown pins




Buy a refurbished foam target repaired by our staff and ready for action at a fraction of the cost! The Bull’s Eye area has been patched up and restored to like new condition. Please note that minor maintenance will be required on any new or used target depending on the conditions and amount of sustained use.

Update November 2020:

  • All refurbished targets currently for sale were purchased brand new as recently as June 2020 and are cosmetically in much better overall shape compared to previous years.
  • Future refinishing service are now available for $25 provided by On the Mark Archery team. Your target can receive a new makeover to keep the bull’s eye core fresh! Email hello@onthemarkarchery.com for details.