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On the Mark Archery Competitive Series Carbon Fiber Spine 800 (6 arrows)

  • Sold in sets of 6, *low inventory, more on the way prior to 12/25/20*
  • Available in 30” and 32” lengths
  • Vane Colors (while supplies last): Available in red, black, orange and green
  • 100% Pure Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber
  • Straightness 0.006 (.001 – .006 straightness is the width of a human hair!)
  • Inner Diameter: 4.2mm
  • Point: Chisel tip, 70 grain, glued-in
  • “X” Nock – Standard fit, plug in / inserted into shaft
  • Shaft color: Grey shaft
  • Suitable for recurve bows up to 35# of draw weight




A favorite by our tournament archers, these ‘slim’ arrows as they have been nicknamed allow archers to have a closer match between the stiffness of the arrow shaft in relation to the draw weight of the recurve bow they are using. Note – these arrows need to be handled with care; by sacrificing thickness of the shaft for a better line of sight, the arrow shafts are more sensitive and must be pulled out of the target straight, from the entry point each time. Pre-fletched with synthetic vanes. Sold in sets of 6.

Disclaimer: Archery equipment is real and can be dangerous to the untrained. Please follow all safety precautions and guidelines when practicing and be in accordance with the local bylaws, ordinances and regulations regarding the use of a recurve bow and arrow set for at home use.

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