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On the Mark Archery Signature Series Carbon Fiber Spine 500 with feathers (set of 6)

  • Real 3” streamline feather fletchings
  • Nock collars, fletching wrap
  • Fletching Colors (while supplies last): Available in red, black, yellow or blue
  • 100% Pure Mitsubishi Carbon Fiber
  • Straightness 0.006 (.001 – .006 straightness is the width of a human hair!)
  • Inner Diameter: 6.2mm
  • Point: Chisel tip, 70 grain, glued-in
  • “S” Nock – Standard fit, plug in / inserted into shaft
  • Shaft color: White matte
  • Sold in 6 unit sets
  • Suitable for recurve bows up to 50# of draw weight


Available on backorder



*For color option request, please email info@onthemarkarchery.com or write preference as a special note on the order check out page. Custom feather colors may be available upon request for an additional fee.*

The perfect choice for a beginner or intermediate archer looking to own their first set of arrows! These durable, elegant and attractive arrows will fly true to your target and keep their pristine condition with proper care! Pre-cut and fletched in standard 30” length, here are some of the specifications.

Disclaimer: Archery equipment is real and can be dangerous to the untrained. Please follow all safety precautions and guidelines when practicing and be in accordance with the local bylaws, ordinances and regulations regarding the use of a recurve bow and arrow set for at home use.

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