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On the Mark Archery Tier II Signature Limbs Only

  • Available riser (handle) lengths: 48”, 54”, 62” and 66”
  • Available draw weights (while supplies last) 12#, 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 22#, 22#, 24#, 26#, 30# and 32#.
  • Riser constructed of four different hardwoods
  • Reinforced laminated maple limbs

6 month limited warranty; use of a bowstringer accessory tool required to assemble and disassemble, else the warranty is void

  • 48″ Bow Combinations – 12# and 16# only
  • 54″ Bow Combinations – 14# and 16# only
  • 62″ Bow Combinations – 18#, 20#, 22#, 24#, 26# and 32#
  • 66″ Bow Combinations – 18#, 20#, 22#, 24#, 30#


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The quickest way to success in anything in life is consistency. To help master an art, the artist needs tools that he or she can become familiar with. With archery, the first step on this journey is to own your gear and become familiar using the same equipment day in and day out.

Our wooden recurve bows are perfect for beginners and intermediates who have goals ranging from individual improvement at a recreational level up to those seeking competition achievements. Adult and youth sizes available. Please speak with an instructor if you have any questions hello@onthemarkarchery.com or call 617.943.2532. 

*Dexterity – if you are a right handed archer, you pull the bowstring back with your right hand



  1. Archery equipment is real and can be dangerous to the untrained. Please follow all safety precautions and guidelines when practicing and be in accordance with the local bylaws, ordinances and regulations regarding the use of a recurve bow and arrow set for at home use. 

To ‘dry fire’ a bow is to draw an unloaded bow back and release the string (tension). This can cause the bow to break, snap, shatter or splinter because of the vibrations caused by the lack of an arrow to transfer the energy to. NEVER FIRE A BOW WITHOUT AN ARROW IN THE BOW.

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